Welcome to Idlewood Estates Homeowners Association website.  We are a community of approximately 140 homes on one acre plus home sites located in Northwest Tarrant County.  The mission of Idlewood Estates HOA is to protect property values and enable homeowners to grow into a close knit community.  Please, check the site regularly for community news and events.  The Board hopes to see you at our next meeting!


The proposed amendment to the DRCC for keeping chickens passed by more than 51% of property owners' votes and is currently in the process of being filed.
See the Important Documents page for the amendment text

Upcoming Events:
National Night Out
Tue, Oct 4, 6:30 PM
Willy & Peggy Clark's Property: Corner of Tall Grass & Taner
Howdy neighbors!
It's that time of year again! It's time for the annual Idlewood Estates chili contest in conjunction with National Night Out 2016. We are accepting up to FIVE chili entries so if you're interested in entering your family famous recipe private message me ASAP. We hope everyone can make it out! Come taste all the delicious chili's, cast your vote and then eat a bowl of your favorite pot with all the fixin's! The chili with the most votes will leave with the chili cook-off trophy and will be this years Idlewood Estates Chili Cook-Off Champion! ????

Volunteers needed: organize and oversee kids' activities
Contact the social chair at social@idlewoodestates.com

Idlewood Annual Meeting Update:
  Board member elections
Two members' term expired in 2016.
Michael Foster and Sam Kazen got voted back
Lara Wagner was voted on as a new board member
After the meeting, as per the bylaws, the board met and voted on positions.
The vote was to keep the same people in the same positions.

Road Works
The existing roadways in Idlewood Estates are about 15 years old in phase 1 –northern streets, a couple of years less in phase 2 -(southern streets. In general, the roadways in phase 1 are in a little worse condition than phase 2, possibly due to a different contractor and/or a more stringent inspection program that was implement around that time. Bottom line is the asphalt is starting to oxidize and get brittle, therefore we are seeing more fine cracking which allows water infiltration in to the base layers resulting in imminent base failures (potholes). Overall the roadways are still in fairly good structural condition, so before they deteriorate any further, we are going to place a pavement preservation surface called a micro-surface. By placing this new surface now we feel we can preserve the existing pavement for several years instead of waiting the pavement to further deteriorate to the point that it must be completely rebuilt. What you are seeing now is preparatory work getting the roadways ready to receive this new surface. We have rebuilt the entrance area on Crofoot and a short stretch along Plains Trail because there was widespread base deterioration. We have also performed some localized full depth base repairs (patches) and placed some short asphalt level-ups in areas where the soils have shifted and the roadway was uneven.
In mid- October, we have a contractor scheduled to resurface ALL of the roadways within Idlewood with micro-surfacing. Miicro-surfacing is a thin layer (1/4 to 3/8 inch) of specially formulized asphalt emulsion blended with a finely crushed aggregate which is placed as a slurry mixture. The final surface will look similar to a new hot mix asphalt surface. The new surface will cover all of the preparation work we are now preforming (with an exception at the Crofoot entrance which will likely remain as is but will generally match the micro-surface) and will provide a protective coating to seal minor cracking and protect the existing asphalt from further UV deterioration for several years.
The contractor will surface half of a roadway at a time starting in the morning with traffic restored on the new surface later that same evening. The opposite side will be surfaced the following day. Total construction time for the entire subdivision should be 3-4 days.
The micro-surfacing will be a quick process but we need a good communication and coordination plan with the residents to minimize inconveniences and provide the best looking product.

Yard of the Month

This year (2016) Idlewood Estates will be awarding a "Yard of the Month" to the houses who do a great job with keeping up their yard work, decorations and landscaping throughout the year.
During the winter months we will look for the tidiest, cleanest and most organized yards.
During spring time the above will be considered along with the colorful landscaping that season provides.
Good Luck fellow neighbors!
Let's make our neighborhood beautiful!
Congratulations to the May Family of 2701 Taner Circle on the July "Yard of the Month" win!!!
Congratulations to the Jay Family of 2800 Plains Tr. on the June "Yard of the Month" win!!!
Congratulations to the Clark Family of 2700 Taner Circle on the May "Yard of the Month" win!!!
Congratulations to the Blackmon Family of 2636 Taner Circle on the April "Yard of the Month" win!!!
Congratulations to the Baker Family of 2632 Plains Trl on the March "Yard of the Month" win!!!
Congratulations to the Smiths at 2732 Rawhide Ct on the February "Yard of the Month" win!!!
Congratulations to 2808 Plains Trl on the January "Yard of the Month" win!!!

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